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Toppers List 2016-17 Year

S.NoNameClass / SectionPercentage
2JAYALATHA B.Com80.15 %
4NAGASHRIB.Com82.67 %
6SABIYAB.Com90.62 %
7SNEHA H.CB.Com90.77 %
8VANAJA KB.Com87.38 %
9VIDYA AB.Com88.77 %

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Wardlaw has all three combinations in PU level, SCIENCE, COMMERCE, and ARTS. We have regular, permanent, experienced staff in all the combinations, with more than 20years of teaching. Staff is well trained by attending all the training programs arranged by the department of pre university educations time to time. All the staff members attend very regularly the valuation camps of the second year PU examinations.



Practical Laboratories

Spacious well equipped laboratory are available for all the science subjects. The science students will have individual opportunities to work in the laboratories and have good practical knowledge and experience of the lessons that they have learnt in the class room.


Spacious, well-furnished ventilated classrooms with educom digital boards which are very convenient for teaching and learning process. These digital boards are connected to a knowledge center from there all the topics pertaining to PU students can be visualized theoretically and by ways videos. This will help the students to understand the lessons they have learnt in the class rooms in a more effective way.

CET coaching program Regular long-term CET coaching classes are arranged in the collage premises for the benefit of students between 4:30pm to 5:30pm every day, for both first year and second year students. This will help students to connect with CET program along with the regular programs through CET throughout the year. Regular weekly test for CET is also taken care.



Voice Mail

The Institution is using Voice Mail and SMS facility to be connected and to communicate to the parents about the regular attendance, exam scheduleand the progress of the students time to time and any other information.

Edu-Comp. Boards

Educomp Digital Boards are fixed in the classroom with syllabus prescribed by the PU. Board for Science, Commerce and Arts subject. Audio visual teaching is an addition to the classroom teaching where the student understand the practical part of the syllabus through video teaching



Co-curricular Activities & Sports

We encourage the students to involve and participate in co-curricular activities such as debate, essay writing, singing, mono action, and quiz programs as per the PU annual program. We encourage the students to participate in the inter school competition and our children have participate till state level and won prices .

Sports activities are integral part of our academic programs, we have a sprawling 7 Acers o play ground with football, volleyball, ball badminton, throw ball, basketball, kabaddi, shuttle cock and other outdoor games where the children have an opportunity to participate any of the games. Regular physical director is available to train the students in the respective games; football is the passion in Wardlaw and for years Wardlaw remained champions in Bellary district, Exercise and sports will help the students to develop themselves academically, mentally, socially and physically.

Cricket Coaching Cricket Coaching with leather ball is given to the students who are interested in the Hourse from 6AM-8AM.


All kinds of scholarships offered by the government, time to time as per govt norms are available for the students who are admitted in our institutions (SC, ST, BCM, Minorities and other categories.



CC Tv Cameras

The Institution is under CC Tv Camera surveillance. CC Cameras are installed in all Classrooms & important places for protection ofthe students and to maintain discipline.


Security of the institution is now handed over to a private agency. Entry into the college campus is restricted to the students & Staff. However the parents will be allowed with the permission of the principal for any important work. Stipulated time is kept between 10 am to 11 am in the morning & 3 pm to 4 pm in the evening. No child will be allowed outside the campus in working hours




Hostel facilities (Martin Hostel)are available in the campus itself for the boys who join the college from the taluks and Villages around Ballari. This will help the poor children who would like to study further to build thier carrier. Dividing system is follow with respect to the food.

Class Rooms

Well and good atmosphere Classes are in the institution.

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