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Toppers List 2016-17 Year

S.NoNameClass / SectionPercentage
2JAYALATHA B.Com80.15 %
4NAGASHRIB.Com82.67 %
6SABIYAB.Com90.62 %
7SNEHA H.CB.Com90.77 %
8VANAJA KB.Com87.38 %
9VIDYA AB.Com88.77 %

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I feel delighted to get connected to the alumni of wardlaw institutions through this web page. It was a long desire of the yester principals and myself to get the alumni together. We tried several times to do so but were not successful. Some of the old students who were very senior batch to name few Sri NARASAPALLI NAGARAJ, Dr.PRABHANJAN,Sri MOOLA SRINIVASULU,Sri H.R.G RAMULU,Sri SUBRAMANYAM and Sri KUMAR met me several times and were forcing me to start past students association that created a great inspiration in me which pushed me forward to use this technology to make it possible. This website has an Alumni page where all the past students can register themselves as per the class/section, batch and the year of their time spent in wardlaw institutions. This can bring the past students together. Hurry up to register yourself, this will establish a great relationship, connectivity and interaction between the Institution and individual alumni. And it will also give an opportunity for the alumni to get back to the institution with their involvement in activities, suggestions & contributions to develop their institution.

Welcome to Alumni Page

This is official Alumni platform of the Wardlaw Group of Institutions, where you can meet your classmates, discover new relationships, get updates about the upcoming events, projects and more. An alumnus, alumna, or alumnum is a former student and most often a graduate of an educational institution (school, college). The Wardlaw Alumni Association brings to our alumni a chance to reconnect with their Alma Mater. It lets them relive the carefree days of their college lives. The Alumni are the face of this institute, and they have in the past contributed a lot to the institute.

You could come to the institute and to take a look at the work in the classrooms and labs around the institutes, meet your old professors, mentor a pool of students, meet the students in the Student - Alumni Meet or just hang out. Wardlaw Group of Institutions welcomes you with open arms.

Click Here To Signup with Wardlaw Alumni Association and get Connected with Alumni Network

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