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Toppers List 2016-17 Year

S.NoNameClass / SectionPercentage
2JAYALATHA B.Com80.15 %
4NAGASHRIB.Com82.67 %
6SABIYAB.Com90.62 %
7SNEHA H.CB.Com90.77 %
8VANAJA KB.Com87.38 %
9VIDYA AB.Com88.77 %

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Rev Dr. John. S. Wardlaw, A man of vision, born in Glasgow city of London was appointed by the "LONDON MISSION SOCIETY" IN 1842 and was sent to India. Immediately after his arrival to Bellary he started to study the cross section of the Bellary area- about the social, geographical & economical position of the people.He developed a strong desire to start a school to cater to the educational requirements of the people of Bellary. With the help of Rev. William Thomson, he started the Wardlaw institution on 28 August 1845. The vision of J.S. Wardlaw was to impart good knowledge of English literature and science to the people of Bellary area thought best standards of teaching. Wardlaw high school was the first of its kind not only in the then districts of Madras Presidency, but also Mysore (Karnataka State).Wardlaw High School was established on 28th August 1845 by Rev. John Smith Wardlaw. Situated in the heart of the City in a large area of 11 acres of land, it was up graded as Composite P.U.College in 1972 by Govt. of Karnataka. Wardlaw Institution is a Govt. recognizes aided institution. True to its motto,'GO Forth to Serve', innumerable number of past students of Wardlaw College are rendering yeomen services to the society & nation in different fields not only in India but also in other Countries.


The motto of this institution is “GO FORTH TO SERVE” The missionaries came to India in the late 17th century, their main purpose was to establish service oriented programs in the fields of Health and Education. Even though they came from religious institution like London missionary society for work, they did not forget to serve the people in their needs. Accordingly they started implementing their mind and body to improve Health and Education. We know that MOTHER TERESA, a great missionary who came from Ireland, lived in Kolkata(Calcutta) and established orphanages for poor people serving the mankind and giving the personal touch. The missionaries did not forget the responsibility to meet all kinds of needs of our country people.From that day the institution is standing upto the motto by serving the people of Ballari."GO FORTH TO SERVE"


Wardlaw Institution is a religious minority institution Recognised by the Govt of Karnatka run by CSI Trust Association.Registered in 1891by the London mission society under Madras Presidency. After Independance the institution was handed over to CSI,T.A Registred under companies Act 1947. Wardlaw Comp.P.U.College,which was popularly known in the household of Ballari as Wardlaw High School,was established in the year 1845,by Rev.Dr.John S Wardlaw,who was sent to Ballari by the London Misssion Society in the year 1842 with the purpose of educating the people in and around Ballari. At the time,Rev.John Hands wh(Kannada) and was instrumental in developing english-Kannada dictionary and establishing a Kannada Printing Press in the year 1826. He felt the need for education of the people of Ballari and communicated with London Mission society to bring in Rev.John Hands by then had purchased 11 acres of land for the purpose of establishing a school.

Wardlaw High School was established on 28th August 1845 by Rev.John S Wardlaw.Situated in the heart of the city in a large area of 11 acres of land,it was upgraded as Composite P.U.College in 1972 by Govt.of Karnataka. Wardlaw Institution is a Govt.recognized aided institution.True to its motto,"Go Forth To Serve",innumerable number of past students of Wardlaw College are rendering yeomen services to the society and nation in different fields not only India but also in other countries,to name few;Sri.M.P.Prakash,Former Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka was an old student,Prof.U.R.Rao Former Chairman of ISRO, was also an old student studied in the year 1937.

The college has spacious,separate well-equipped laboratories for Physics,Chemistry,Biology and Computer Science, a good library with a good number of references books.More than 2000 students get educated every year from this institution.




Rt.Rev.RaviKumar J Niranjan

Bishop and Chairman CSI KND
Chairman of the Institution

Rev.James Thalapati

Vice-President CSI KND

Dr.Emmanuel Malekar

Secretary CSI KND

Rev.Daniel S Honnaykar

Associate Secretary CSI KND

Mr.Anand Sadgun Paul

Treasurer CSI KND

Rev.Samuel Kelvin

Associate Treasurer CSI KND


Rt.Rev.RaviKumar J Niranjan

Bishop and Chairman Wardlaw Group of Institutions

Dr.Emmanuel Malekar

Secretary Wardlaw Group of Institutions

Mr.Anand Sadgun Paul

Treasurer CSI KND,Member

Rev.Gonna Immanuel

Presbyter-Incharge CSI Telugu Church.
& Chairman Ballari Area Council,Member

Rev.Samuel Prasad

Presbyter-Incharge CSI John Hands Memorial Church.Brucepet Ballari,Member

Mr.Victor Emmanuel

Principal Wardlaw Composite PU College.Ballari,Member

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